Ancient Symbols of Protection


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ANCIENT SYMBOLS OF PROTECTION – Native American, Percussion Instrument, Rattle, Vibration, Heal, Prayer, Pagan, Chant, Ceremony, Meditation

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Handcrafted by Native American Artist Sean Walking Bear. Made in the traditional plains style. Authentic and Practical. 

This is a handcrafted Full Size Rattle with full leather weaved wrap and white deer hide Handle. This rattle contains a “River Rock” fill.

The artwork depicts various symbols used in protection artifacts, such as amulets, pendants, staffs, stone inscriptions, etc. The Creator has created your body to heal itself, the mind to work with the power of the Heavens to heal through faith. Such a powerful weapon against illness, pestilence and sickness afflicting the body, mind, and spirit!

Created for Healing, Meditation, Holistic Work, Clearing, and Ceremony.

The Rattle is 9-10″ in length.


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