Sacred ”Shamanic Bird” Vegan Drum


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Diameter – 50 cms (≈20″)

Depth – 9 cms (≈3,5″)

Weight – 1200 grams

1 in stock


Our artisan handcrafted Vegan Drums have a well-thought-out and well-made tuning system that is very simple to use. You can make the sound lower or higher as you wish, to a precise note. This is an important consideration not just for musicians playing in bands; it is also useful, for example, if you want to tune your drum to the same note as your Tibetan bowl. Stable and consistent sound at any temperature, now you don’t have to worry about the temperature, in contrast to a goatskin drum which is susceptible to changes in temperature. The shamanic vegan drum is more comfortable and practical to keep and play, so enjoy playing it – it will have a good sound anytime and anywhere.

It’s very light, weighing only 800-1200 grams. It is very comfortable to play for any length of time without getting any pain in the shoulders. It’s also water -resistant. Every drummer or Shaman musician has had this pain when playing outdoors – rain or fog. From now on, you can forget about this as your vegan membrane is safe from the effects of water.


** The wooden frame part of the drum is made from many layers of veneer. To keep it light, we don’t put too many layers, but it’s strong enough;

** The handle is fixed within the rope giving the possibility for the entire body of the drum to vibrate – this is important in making a deeper sounding drum;

** For the membrane, we use a special kind of plastic – we tried many different types until finally found one which was the most durable and gave the best sound too;

** A stick for playing (shaman beater) is included in the set, made from acacia or linden wood. For the soft material, we use faux fur (synthetic wool), and so that it is also vegan.

** The small metal tuning hex key is included in the set too.

 “Sacred Shamanic Bird” Vegan Drum highlights:

*** Perfect deep bass sound;

*** Unaffected by changes in temperature;

*** 100% Vegan and cruelty-free;

*** Simple-to-use tuning system to change the note.


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