Arctic Fire Crystals was born in Iceland to Crystal Healer & Sound Medicine Practitioner Lisa Trifiro. Lisa traveled to Iceland after she became really sick from traditional Western Medicine Practices and Medicines. She was blessed to be introduced to Alternative Medicine using Crystals, Sacred Cacao & Sound. It was through the healing frequencies of the crystals, ceremony and intention of the cacao, and transcendence through the powerful vibrations of sound, that Lisa was able to regain and stabilize her health.
Lisa felt a strong calling to learn more about Crystals & Sound Medicine and to share these stones and practices with her community. Lisa became certified in Crystal Healing and studied Sound Medicine in Iceland. She is currently studying Stone Medicine and is on a quest to gain a deeper knowledge of the healing properties and practices of the crystalline lineage of the many powerful stones that inhabit this earth.

Lisa has developed relationships with practitioners and stone enthusiasts all over the world to bring you the best cacao, crystals and sound healing instruments available, so that you too, may connect with the healing frequencies within.