Root Chakra Raindisk


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The dimensions of the “Ocean Breath” Rain Disk are:

Diameter – 20 cms (≈8″)

Depth – 3 cms (≈3.5″)

Weight – 300 grams

1 in stock


Our beautiful handcrafted Root Chakra Raindisk makes a beautiful water sound for calming the mind and relaxing the body. It helps unblock and clear any toxic or stuck energy in the Chakras. It is perfect for use in meditation and sound healing therapy.
The designs are drawn by hand by artisans in Moldova, using a wood-burning iron which makes each Rain Disk unique. The exterior is made from plywood only, and the interior combines a firm man-made material with glass beads to produce a soothing sound of water flowing.

Our Raindisks make the perfect gift for musicians and are a nice addition to a collection of musical instruments. Our Raindisks are useful for sound healers and people who practice spirituality. They can be played at home for fun and also look as attractive as a piece of art for your home, for your kids to play with and discover new sounds, and for sharing pleasant sounds with friends. Perfect for use before or after a session in a yoga studio, or a spiritual or cultural centre.They can be used by everyone, to ground oneself, to be here and now.


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