Plant Magic for the Beginner Witch


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An Herbalist’s Guide to Heal, Protect and Manifest 

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Manifest your most positive intentions of love, healing, protection and abundance with the magic of herbs & plants

You don’t need expensive tools or hours of study to live a more magical life. Ally Sands, master herbalist, green witch and founder of Aquarian Soul, teaches you how to use everyday herbs to cast easy but effective spells. Divided into Chapters on protection, love, abundance, healing, and personal power, this is the perfect guide for new witches or those looking to learn more about plant magic.

Learn how to Cleanse and Heal your body with a lemon balm bath, ward your home with a wreath of bay laurel, open your heart with an herbal rose tea or foster abundance with a homemade amulet. With 70 spells and information on which herbs and plants are most effective, you can easily incorporate magic into your everyday, manifest good energy and harness your personal power.

Ally Sands is the owner of Aquarian Soul, the original gemstone infused apothecary that specializes in herbal-and gemstone- infused products to help create sacred rituals in your life. She is a certified master herbalist and a solitary green witch. She has been practicing witchcraft for over 20 years. Ally lives in San Diego, California


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