Sunstone is a high vibration feldspar crystal, with crystal properties connected to the sun. Its chinese name is Shan xin yan, “ rock that is found in the mountains. Sunstone is associated with Yang, whereas Moonstone is associated with Yin.

According to Native American Legend, the blood of a great warrior who was wounded by an arrow, dropped onto pieces of Oregon Sunstone. The blood carried his warrior spirit into the stones, coloring them with shades of orange and red and giving them sacred power.

In Norway, Ancient Norse Texts give us a glimpse into the first use of stones for Navigation, as Sunstone is documented as being used by the Vikings to Navigate the Seas.

Sunstone is a natural supplement for life. With its strong solar energy, it is a powerful stone for bringing warmth, strength, healing and happiness. It can also assist with breaking away from toxic relationships and can help sever bonds that are holding you back in life.

Each stone is hand-selected with love, you will receive the Sunstone pictured. 

Chakra:  Sacral