Ritual Baths shows you how to use common crystals, herbs, and flowers in your bathtub to achieve
inner peace and spiritual wellness. A blend of ancient traditions and contemporary self-care
methods, this indispensable handbook, packed with more than 250 color photographs, provides
helpful advice and sixty bath recipes, organized by aura color, including:

  • Awareness Wolf Bath
  • Empath Bath
  • Hope Bath
  • I am Nature Bath
  • Be My Own Healer Bath
  • Love of My Life Bath
  • Ally Bath
  • Healthy Boundaries Bath
  • Warrior Bath
  • Find My Purpose Bath
  • My Gut Bath
  • Confidence Bath

Deborah Hanekamp leaves no crystal unturned and no restorative plant unused. She teaches you
about auras, touches on phases of the moon, explains crystal and herbal magic, and provides an
encyclopedia of ingredients that addresses each element’s healing properties.
We all want to achieve wellness and live our best lives. Ideal for anyone interested in natural healing
and alternative medicine, as well as everyone looking to integrate beautiful and accessible self-care
practices into their daily routine, Ritual Baths shows you how to create your own medicine and
transform your bathroom into a unique healing space.