Nantli’ means Mother Earth and highlights our relationship to the 4 principle elements in the language of Nahuatl, the ancient language of Mesomerica. Nantli Cacao provides organic single origin Ceremonial Criollo cacao paste, ethically grown, sourced and processed in Guatemala. 

We are in service to Mama Cacao, the Spirit of Cacao, who’s medicine is Love. As Earth warriors we are here to support the regeneration of the forests by investing in the best agroforestry cacao farms and empowering the farmers by truly valuing their sacred harvests. 

With Each sip of Nantli Cacao, you are supporting ancestral native forests to thrive , saying yes to ethical trade of cacao and awakening to the powerful healing and wholeness. 

The Criollo theobroma Cacao plant is an ancient genetic species praised by the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. It is the world’s highest quality cacao containing activating and awakening properties. Weaving ancient and new techniques, science and art, we are grateful to offer you the very best Ceremonial Cacao Paste in the world.  

** Cacao is a gentle Plant Medicine**

Ceremonial Cacao 

Single Origin 

Sierra De Las Minas

1 LB/ 454 Grams 

*22 Ceremonial Doses per pound *